South Aegean Region Unveils New Tourism Strategy for 2021

The South Aegean Region presented its tourism promotion strategy for 2021 during a recent meeting with representatives of local authorities, tourism and trade bodies.

Budgeted at 800,000 euros, the new tourism strategy will be funded from the Region’s own resources and promoted with modern tools through synergies with tour operators, online travel agents and metasearch platforms.

More specifically, the Region’s tourism campaign for 2021 will unfold in six ways:

– with advertisements or joint advertisements with tour operators and airlines, that are leaders in significant target markets. There is a wide range of actions available, mainly online: display advertising, social media advertising, B2C and B2B email campaigns, B2B contests, retail advertising, VOD campaigns, Google ads, programmatic but also offline actions

– programmatic advertising in South Aegean’s 12 major geographic target markets with the aim to reach audiences that meet specific behavioral characteristics

– advertising campaigns through Online Travel Agents (OTAs)

– advertising campaigns on Consumer Review Websites

– TV advertising in significant geographic target markets

– native advertising on news websites.

The South Aegean Region has already launched a digital promotion campaign in the UK market.

Moreover, the South Aegean Region has renewed its partnership with tourism and hospitality consultancy firm Horwath HTL.

According to the South Aegean Region, Horwath will launch an observatory that will monitor political decisions and epidemiological data on an international and national level. Based on this data, the Region will adjust its advertising campaign accordingly in order to achieve maximum flexibility.

Furthermore, the South Aegean Region has again welcomed Johana Strand, a tourism expert from Sweden, who last year contributed with her long experience and specialization to the successful promotion of South Aegean through the media, tour operators and tourism organizations.



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