Electricity industry and energy intensives join forces to boost Europe’s industrial competitiveness in a net-zero economy

Today, Europe’s electricity industry trade association will sign the Antwerp Declaration in a show of support for keeping a strong, competitive, decarbonised industrial base in Europe. The signature ceremony taking place today between Eurelectric’s Secretary General Kristian Ruby and CEFIC’s Director General Marco Mensink, further intensifies the much-needed cross-sectoral cooperation to identify key policy measures and leavers to make Europe a competitive provider of electricity for its industry.
The Antwerp Declaration makes it clear: the success of Europe’s energy transition and decarbonisation objectives hinges on competitive green industry. For this to happen, energy- intensive industries must be fully equipped to deliver the climate solutions needed by our continent.
“At the height of the energy crisis, Europe witnessed real demand destruction and closure of industrial plants for which it is not clear if they will reemerge on European soil” – said Eurelectric’s Secretary General Kristian Ruby.
In 2022, energy-intensive industries like chemical, aluminium, zinc and silicon manufacturers were taken offline at a rate of 35% to 45% as energy costs were prohibitively expensive, making operations uncompetitive.
“We need to work with industry to build resilience and competitiveness. This is why Eurelectric decided to support the Antwerp Declaration and the call for an Industrial Deal to complement Europe’s green ambitions” – added Ruby.
Ensuring a fair energy transition that keeps industry in Europe requires affordable energy. It is therefore crucial to prioritise the most mature, efficient and affordable technologies, such as those that directly electrify end-use sectors, to reliably deliver energy to businesses and citizens in the most cost-efficient way.
Marco Mensink, Director General at CEFIC said: “Direct electrification will play a central role in decarbonising industrial processes going forward, but we need a framework for that. The new Commission should therefore come up with a Plan to facilitate affordable and clean electrification of industry, create the necessary grid infrastructure and de-risk necessary electricity and electrification investments.
Eurelectric will begin a constructive outreach with energy intensives to accelerate the electrification of industrial processes, contribute to European competitiveness, and bring everybody on board with the EU’s climate ambition.

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